SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time AWARD 2019
IMOBILE congratulates Prashanth Mohan, Venkat Padmanabhan and Ramachandran Ramjee (Microsoft Research India) for the SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time AWARD; in recognition of their SenSys 2008 paper : “Nericell: Rich Monitoring of Road and Traffic Conditions using Mobile Smartphones.”
Nericell pioneered the use of smartphones as a vehicular sensing platform, at a time when these devices lacked the sensing capabilities that are commonplace today. Nericell showed how smartphones could be used to sense various aspects of road and traffic conditions. In addition to the technical achievements, it influenced a large body of research, inspired others to develop novel uses of smartphone sensors, and fostered new lines of academic and commercial research.
The test-of-time awards are our most significant paper awards and recognize sustained and significant impact on the community over at least a decade.